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CHAIRS: If Safety Restraint Chair, Inc. (SRC) is arranging and pre-paying shipping, Restraint Chairs will be shipped by common carrier from our facility at the rates that are published in the shopping cart on our website. Our customer is welcome to arrange prepaid shipping directly by simply providing a Bill of Lading from their common carrier; there will be a $30.00 per chair fee for palletizing applied to the invoice.

REPLACEMENT PARTS: There is service and handling fee of $30 or 20% of the total product costs (whichever is larger) applied to each Replacement Parts order to help defray the cost of packaging and postage. Parts are shipped via USPS, UPS, or FedEx at SRC's discretion. Replacement Parts are shipped on Wednesdays and Saturdays and no overnight or other special requests will be allowed.

For international Chair or Replacement Parts orders, customers should contact SRC, Inc. directly.

We do not sell to the general public. We will only ship to law enforcement or healthcare related organizations.

Privacy Policy

Safety Restraint Chair Inc. does not rent, sell, lease, or otherwise share personally identifying customer data such as names, addresses, and contact information submitted during web purchases to outside entities, except if and when directed to do so by law enforcement.

In the normal course of browsing our website, information such as IP addresses, domain names, geographical location, and the like may be gathered, in the aggregate, by web service providers to help us monitor the usage of our site and improve upon its functions. Credit card information is handled through a third party financial institution and payment gateway for the purposes of completing our transactions, and these parties are certified to uphold financial security standards as required by law. No such information is stored by SRC, Inc.

Product Warranties

The chair frame has a 2 year workmanship warranty against manufacturing defects. Replacement parts carry a thirty- (30-) day warranty also against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear is to be expected on our chairs and products given the environment and conditions they are used in.

There are no warranties, express or implied whatsoever, with respect to the functionality, operation, or otherwise with our chairs and parts. While the design of the chairs is such as to maximize the safety of every individual in the restraining process, the individual or team of operators govern the use and safety of the end result with our chairs.

Damage Return Policy

If your purchase is damaged when received, either (1) DO NOT ACCEPT DELIVERY, or (2) accept the shipment and NOTE THE DAMAGE on the shipping receipt or Bill of Lading. In either case, TAKE PHOTOS AND SHARE with SRC, Inc. immediately to discuss the shipping damage.

If the above is followed and SRC, Inc. arranged for and prepaid the shipping, we will handle the claim and resolution with the shipping organization. Replacement product(s) will likely be sent out before financial resolution without the shipper.

If the first paragraph is NOT followed, or if the customer arranged the shipment without SRC, Inc.'s involvement, the customer must contact the shipper directly for the claim and resolution of the damage. In this case, replacement product(s) will NOT be sent out until SRC, Inc. received a duplicate order with payment.

Return Policy

If you order something in error, or you change your mind on a purchase, SRC, Inc. must be contacted within thirty (30) days of our invoice date. SRC, Inc. will do its best to work with you to remedy the situation. RESTOCKING FEES, DAMAGE RECOVERY COSTS, and SHIPPING CHARGES will all apply to the return by the customer. No exchanges or returns will be considered after thirty days from our invoice date.

Our return policy is simple, if notified WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS of the date of our invoice … up to seventy-five percent (75%) of the original parts or chair cost will be refunded. The following conditions must be met:

  1. the item must be new and unused
  2. the customer must pay the return postage or shipping
  3. all costs of parts replacement (e.g., shipping or use damage) will reduce the refund provided
  4. the standard 25% restocking fee (exclusive of shipping) for any returned item will be applied before the refund is provided.

Please contact Safety Restraint Chair for a Return Authorization and instructions on how to return the product.

Note: If a chair is returned and the frame is in any way damaged or scratched, there will be no refund because we cannot put it back into inventory.