Safety Restraint Chair

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SureGuard® Safety Restraint Chair Replacement Parts

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Ankle Strap, Nylon (Pair)

Arm Rest and Strap - Left

Arm Rest and Strap - Right

Brake Brackets

Brake Kit

Cam and Spring Set (with replacement Bolt and Nut)

Cam Assembly Cover (with replacement bolt and nut)

Chair Back with cutout

Chair Seat

Elbow Soft Restraint Strap (16")

Elbow Soft Restraint Strap (18")

Elbow Soft Restraint Strap (24")

Full Set of Straps

Handcuff Key

Handcuff Tether

Handle Grips (Pair)

Headrest, Memory Foam

Lap Strap, Nylon

Lap Strap, Nylon (Extra Long)

Shoulder Strap, Nylon