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Informational Videos

Our informational videos are designed to describe the steps to follow in restraining an individual in our SureGuard® or SoftGuard® Safety Restraint Chairs. Also included are informational videos on how to install or realign our brake assemblies, and one on the proper installation of a soft strap restraint at the elbow position.

The teaser videos below show an overview of the full-length Informational Videos available to our customers of the SureGuard® or SoftGuard® Safety Restraint Chairs.

The password protected full-length informational restraint videos and the brake and soft strap videos are reserved for our customers and access to these videos is in lieu of the DVD that used to be shipped with each chair and available as a spare part through our Shopping Cart. These DVD's are no longer for sale or available. If you did not receive a password with your purchase confirmation, please contact us at [email protected].

SoftGuard® Safety Restraint Chairs

SureGuard® Safety Restraint Chairs

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