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Whether you are certifying or recertifying, the first step is to begin with the Individual or Multi-person payment and registration box. PLEASE NOTE: If you are recertifying DO NOT attempt to login. You must pay and fully register again. You may use your same email address.


  • Question 1 - What are the objectives of certification?
    • Through a series of multiple choice questions, certification is intended to reflect a persons knowledge of the component parts and the general operation of a safety restraint chair.
  • Question 2 - What are the benefits of being certified?
    • The judgement of benefits from certification varies ... for example, an organization may:
      • Experience higher management confidence of restrainee and staff safety
      • Require less oversight and supervision of the personnel participating in the restraining process
      • Be in full compliance with Insurance Carrier requirements
      • Realize lower insurance rates due to certified operators
  • Question 3 - Are operators of the chair required to be certified?
    • Safety Restraint Chair, Inc. has no such requirement for the purchasers of our chairs.
    • Each organization must determine the need for and requirements of certification within and for their organization. For example ... there are organizations that require anyone that is or might be involved in the restraining process to be certified. There are other organizations that require identified 'instructors' to be certified before they teach, coach, and mentor others to use the safety restraint chair. Still other organizations have no requirement for any certified individuals at all.
    • The organizations decision could be an internal management policy decision, could be driven by risk management assessment within the organization, or could be an outright requirement by the organizations insurance carrier. No matter the decision criteria, the organization makes its own decision re: on certification. Safety Restraint Chair, Inc. is not involved in that decision.
  • Question 4 - On what is certification based?
    • Certification is based on the following three (3) items on our web site []: (1) the written operational instructions, (2) the specifications, and (3) the informational video on the operation of the specific chair for certification. Not required, but recommended is some 'hands-on' experience through simulation with peers to become familiar with the actual workings of the chair.
  • Question 5 - Does Safety Restraint Chair, Inc. provide on-site or CBT training?
    • No formal on-site or CBT training is available from Safety Restraint Chair, Inc. We provide written instructions and informational videos on our website ( for your use.
    • Some of our customers establish their own internal training program for the use of the chair within their organization. Those internal training sessions are consistent with the general guidelines issued by Safety Restraint Chair, Inc. and applicable policies and procedures that apply within their own organizations.
    • Many of these organizations, after having their instructors certified through Safety Restraint Chair, Inc., use the resources available (mentioned above) to develop and then deliver training within their organization.
  • Question 6 - Do you certify train-the-trainers?
    • Not specifically. See above.
  • Question 7 - What is the cost of the certification?
    • The standard price for certification is $25.00 per person. If purchasing 25 or more certifications at the same time, the price would be $22.50 each. If more than 50 individuals at the same time, $20.00 each.
    • If the discounted prices apply, go through the normal purchase procedure (see below) in our shopping cart on the web site. Once paid through the shopping cart, send an email to and we will call to get the credit card number to send through the refund for the discounted amount. We must receive that acknowledgement email requesting the refund in order for refund to be issued.
  • Question 8 - How long is my certification good?
    • Certification on the Safety Restraint Chair is good for three (3) years after the date of issuance. Renewal of your certification is accomplished through the same process as the original.
    • Even though our certification is good for three years, the system has been redesigned to allow more frequent recertifications. Some organizations require annual recertifications to ensure currency and our system now allows that.
  • Question 9 - Can we receive certification any other way than through the Safety Restraint Chair, Inc. web site?
    • The use of the shopping cart on our website (] is currently the only place and way to obtain certification.
    • To our knowledge, there is currently no other organization that offers certification of any type on our Safety Restraint Chairs.
  • Question 10 - How do I or how do my employees sign-in to go through the certification process once paid?
    • Step 1 - Start on our home page ... click on the "Get Certified" on the black navigation bar towards the top of our homepage, or the green box entitled "Get Certified/Re-certified" in the lower right corner of our home page.
    • Step 2 - From the Certification landing page ... select one of three options
      • Left most choice ... use only when initially registering one or more for certification
      • Center choice ... use if you have previously registered, paid, and established your user name and password
      • Right most choice ... use if you think or are sure someone else has registered and paid for your certification. If this is your first visit to the site, AND someone has in fact registered you and paid for your certification, the system will ask you for your name (to be used on the certificate if successful) and to establish a password.
      • Once your password is established and you are signed in, you will be taken through the certification process using the reference materials addressed above.
  • Question 11 - Where do I purchase the DVD used for training?
    • Our DVD that used to come with each Safety Restraint Chair and was available for individual purchase has been replaced.
    • Our informational videos are now in a password protected area within our web site. Customers receive the password for the video web site area on each invoice for each order.
    • Customers who have our chairs, but have not made a purchase recently, have simply to contact us and we will send the password for your access to the informational videos.
  • Question 12 - How do I get my certificate?
    • Upon successful completion of the certification process, the system will allow you to print out your certificate right then. If you lose your certificate during the three year effective period, contact Safety Restraint Chair, Inc. and they will arrange the opportunity to reprint your certificate.

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