CHAIR BRAKES - NOW AVAILABLE!!  see replacement parts page
  • New Mark 10 Restraint Chair

    • Comes equipped with wheel brakes

    • Wider stance front and rear to reduce rocking

    • New gray color shows straps better in low light conditions

    • Safely restrains a combative or self-destructive person

    • Allows for safe transportation to court / hospital
      - Does not restrict normal breathing
      - Secures an individual without injury
    • Protects your staff and the person being restrained

    • Reduces the need for additional personnel

    • Reduces your liability

    • Easy to use and fully adjustable

    • Allows detainees to be seated and restrained while handcuffed

    • Keeps personnel safe while restraining detainee

    • Handcuff tether keeps hands in place until personnel is ready to remove handcuffs
  • New Wheel Brakes

    • Easy to use

    • Provides positive stopping force

    • Prevents detainees from moving the chair
  • Safety Restraint Chair

    The lastest breakthrough in safety!  You cannot afford to be without the safety restraint chair.
  • Replacement Parts

    Click here to order straps, buckle covers, cams and springs, and handcuff tethers.  You can order full sets of straps or individual straps.  All parts ordered qualify for free shipping.
  • Our Company

    Learn how the Safety Restraint Chair was invented by a local Iowa sheriff for use in his jail and how the chair he built turned into a business!
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